Pleasant Times Industries is a World renowned name in making exclusive and exquisite classic wooden games such as Chess pieces, inlaid chess boards, inlaid backgammon, cribbage boards, dominoes, dice, poker chips cases, racks, playing card boxes, etc. in various fine quality wood such as Rosewood, ebony, white maple, teak, boxwood etc.

Our company has been in this business since 1982 and have made a niche in fine wooden games sector, winning acclaim from everyone for quality and craftsman ship. Our craftsmen have inherited the skills from their ancestors and that is the reason for superb quality and even entered the Guinness Book of World Records by making the smallest complete chess set/board in wood. 

Wooden Chess Pieces in Rosewood, Ebony, Golden Rosewood/ Maple and Colored Lacquered

Flat Wooden Chess Boards in Rosewood, Golden Rosewood, Maple,  Black color Acrylic

Chessmen Storage boxes in Teak, Golden Rosewood, Walnut Colored

Multiple Games in single Pack (chess, Backgammon, Cribbage, Checkers, Playing Cards Dice etc.)

Magnetic Folding Traveling Chess Sets in Rosewood & Golden Rosewood/Maple

Weighted Traveling Chess Sets in Rosewood & Golden Rosewood/Maple

Pegged Traveling Chess Sets (Boards/Chess pieces) in Golden Rosewood/Maple

Wooden Inlaid Backgammon in  Rosewood/Ebony/Maple

Wooden Inlaid Combo Sets Chess/Backgammon in Golden Rosewood/ Ebony/Maple

Brass Inlaid Wooden Dice and Dice-Boxes in Rosewood & Golden Rosewood

Wooden Artistic Inlaid and Teak finished Playing Card Boxes in Rosewood & Golden Rosewood

Brass Inlaid Wooden Cribbage boards, Cribbage Board/Card Box in Rosewood, Ebony, White Maple, Golden Rosewood

Artistic Wooden Chess Pieces in Rosewood, Golden Rosewood & Ebony

Wooden Dominoes Tiles available in Ebony, Rosewood, White Maple & Golden Rosewood in two kinds of wooden box.
Hinged Box and Sliding Lid Box

Staunton Chess Pieces in fine Color Lacquered
(Lacquer applied on Boxwood)


Magnetic Chess Set and Board with Double Drawers